Smart Hospital Initiative

What is a Smart Hospital?

From registration to imaging, smart hospitals deploy advanced technologies from edge to cloud for improved connectivity and secure data sharing to deliver better patient experiences, streamline workflows, and reduce costs.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a smart hospital?

A smart hospital deploys datacenter, networks, advanced softwares and other technological advances from edge to cloud to seamlessly coordinate and align operations for accelerated and enhanced patient care. From registration to imaging, the operating room or the nurses’ station, the improved connectivity and breadth of data generated can deliver valuable insights to improve patient experiences, streamline clinician workflows, and reduce costs.
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How can I make my hospital smart?

Seamless integration across infrastructure is fundamental to building a smart hospital. With the use of technologies like Datacenter, Networking, Medical Imaging System, Hospital Information System and IoT from the edge to the cloud, achieving high levels of interoperability enables agility, broad data sharing and near-real time communications that define the smart hospital model.

Why do we need a smart hospital?

Hospitals today are generating unprecedented volumes of clinical and business data, yet many lack the integrated infrastructure needed to fully optimize data in vitally important diagnostic and treatment decisions. Smart hospitals integrate assets and resources across the environment for near-real-time data access and analysis, informing and accelerating patient journeys, increasing operational efficiencies, and optimizing resource utilization for better experiences and outcomes.

What is ELCS RESEARCH's role in a smart hospital?

ELCS RESEARCH is enabling technology that empowers healthcare use cases and the healthcare industry. With a robust partner ecosystem and vast software portfolio, ELCS RESEARCH provides the agility, scale, and design flexibility smart hospitals need to deploy new clinical solutions as they emerge—enhancing patient journeys and outcomes and driving the next generation of healthcare innovations.