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MONADIM Aircraft Maintenance System

Here at ELCS RESEARCH we respect the complexity and intricacy of helicopters. Proper maintenance is the key to ensuring the safety of crew and passengers. It is essential that you have a reliable maintenance software that you can trust. This is where a dedicated aircraft maintenance software It has a vast array of powerful features, like warehouse management, inventory management, maintenance tracking, and much more. Furthermore, a mobile app for flight time tracking!


Helicopters Need Proper Maintenance Software

Helicopters are versatile machines that can adapt to any situation. Shouldn't your helicopter maintenance software be able to do the same?





Rapid implementation

Monadim AMS implementation timeline is measured in days and weeks, not months and years.




Designed to support you in all aspects of your business

From supply chain, warehouse to maintenance, our integrated and easy to use Aircraft Maintenance System has got you covered.



We help to ensure well-maintained aircraft to the highest standards

Designed to improve and automate your aircraft maintenance operations, to quickly track parts and components inventory and to increase saving on operational costs; the Aircraft Maintenance Systems Software is exclusively designed for aircraft owners and operators, maintenance, and parts and components manufacturers of the aeronautic industry.





Keep track of your certificates by creating digital experience logbooks

Everything is personal, so you can track your work across multiple organizations. Your data is secured, meaning you will never lose it.

Discover what we have to offer


Maintenance Manager

From line maintenance, inspection checks to heavy maintenance, our Maintenance Module offers a high precision workflow that allow operators to manage maintenances with high efficiency.

Warehouse Manager

Decision Advantage Across Your Organization
Bring intelligence to your entire enterprise, and to the core of the decisions and operations that matter most.

Helicopter Operators Manager

ELCS RESEARCH meets you where you are, automatically connecting with and enhancing your existing data systems.

Inventory Manager

Designed to improve and automate your aircraft maintenance operations, to quickly track parts and components inventory and to increase saving on operational costs.

Document Manager

The Document Attachment Option allows you to attach documents at 16 different places in the system. Attaching a document has never been simpler, you will be able to attach files of any format, hyperlinks, and scans direct from the printer simply by clicking the Doc Manager button.

MOBILE Flight Tracker

Monadim AMS Mobile allows Pilotes to records flights time and synchronise with the aircraft components history

IT expertise

Our Engineers help you to build a private highly secured Datacenter.

Why should you rely on Us

We have a solution that is tailored to your operations and fleet, whether you manage Helicopters, Planes or a mix fleet of any size!
ELCS RESEARCH also offers a wide range of professional services; consulting, training, migration services, Networking, IT expertise, features customization and responsive customer care to make sure you get the most out of your maintenance tracking system!