Heart disease is complex, Cardiovascular IT doesn’t have to be.

SmarthCardio bridges the gaps between cardiology service lines and healthcare information systems, across the multi- location continuum of cardiovascular care. SmarthCardio is an integrated information system that provides a unified workflow inside cardiology department, with customizable workflows and the ability to view related radiology images and reports. A modular architecture model allows SmarthCardio to scale to organizational needs.


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Built to enhance the Cardiology workflow

Every cardiovascular department relies on a complex mix of devices, systems, and tools to care for their patients. SmarthCardio makes sure these pieces work together across complex cardiovascular care pathways by providing a single point of access to patient data and images—combined with powerful end- to-end management, analysis, and workflow tools. ELCS RESEARCH is committed to cardiology. We partnered with leading physicians to create out-of-the-box clinical content that helps streamline installations, which continues to be refined as we deploy SmarthCardio across the globe.