For three decades, GE Healthcare has built its successful and growing PET business by seeking out and nurturing invaluable partnerships with healthcare providers world-wide. These relationships have fueled and generated industry firsts and, more importantly, innovations that have helped providers be more efficient while enabling better patient outcomes. (Source GEHC).

ELCS RESEARCH, medical software supplier of GE Healthcare, has deployed its SmarthPACS, a picture archiving and communication system highly available, allowing Bab El Oued’s nuclear medicine department to store the PETCT’s heavy images and share it with physicians. This project represent an achievement for our company as it is the one of the most expensive projects realised by Algerian government in the medical sector.

GE Healthcare now consistently delivers the world’s most trusted PET/CT solutions with more than 350 digital PET scanners and 575 Discovery IQ systems installed across the globe.